Pigeon Pages is a literary space where emerging and established writers from all backgrounds are encouraged to nest together. We seek to champion voices that are not always allowed to sing loudly.

Pigeon Pages is a literary journal that grew organically from the successful reading series, Pigeon Pages NYC. Pigeon Pages publishes prose online, and Pigeon Pages NYC showcases local writers monthly at PowerHouse Arena in Brooklyn. The reading series and literary journal naturally support each other. The reading series acts as a physical space to host our diverse writers, and the online literary journal is a supportive platform accessible anywhere and to all.

We believe that writing should come from a place of joy and creativity, not a desire to preen. We have a heartbeat, and we are proud of the eggs we hatch.

Welcome to the nest.



In widening our literary nest to include an online publication, we hope to uplift voices who aren't always encouraged to sing loudly. We want to be carried away on the wings of your work whether it's fiction or creative nonfiction. (While we love our flock of poets, we are not accepting any poetry at this time.)

Rather than having you send work through an antiquated method (like carrier pigeon) we have moved to Submittable. This site allows us to keep better track of your pieces so that we're not hunting for breadcrumbs in our emails. It also allows you to follow the flight pattern of your submission from "received" to "in process" and hopefully to "accepted". 

Here are our Dos and Don'ts to help you rise in the pecking order of the general submissions:

birdforwardpng DO submit pieces of prose that are 4,000 words or less

birdsidepng DON'T email us your piece—we review submissions only through Submittable 

birdforwardpng DO let us know if the piece you submitted to us has been accepted for publication elsewhere

birdsidepng DON'T send us work that has been previously published anywhere (blogs included)

birdforwardpng DO wait to hear from us about a piece before submitting to us again

birdsidepng DON'T forget your page numbers and word count or send us work riddled with typos and grammatical errors

birdforwardpng  DO send us work you're excited about

We do not take lightly the trust and support a writer shows by sending us their work. In return we want to take the time to fully consider each piece. We appreciate your patience to allow us to do that. (Although if you haven't heard a peep from us in twelve weeks, please feel free to get in touch.)

Please make sure your submission follows our general guidelines before you fly with us! 
Please make sure your submission follows our general guidelines before you fly with us! 
Pigeon Pages